The Bag

The Bag

I’ve got stacks of cash inside me. Stacks of cash and a gun and a mask. The gun was in me before but it has fewer bullets now. It’s lighter. The gun was taken out of me and a short while later the cash was put in me and then the balaclava and then the gun again. After that, we all got back in the car and drove for a while.

The driver mumbled something and I was zipped up and thrown out the window and over the wall. The car didn’t stop. I expect I was to be collected by the old man, that’s what happened last time. The last time I was behind the wall for about half an hour, but this time I was picked up after a few minutes.

I’d not seen the boy before. We must have driven past him on the road but I didn’t notice. He jumped over the wall and started peeing against it. I heard him. Then his foot got caught in one of my straps and he nearly fell. I think he was drunk. He got down on his hunkers and looked at me. I’m not much to look at really – just a black sportsbag – but he was intrigued. The boy unzipped me and I watched his eyes widen and his cheeks begin to flush. He whispered “wow” and then he said “Fuck me”.

He didn’t notice the gun at first, just the cash and the mask. He tossed the mask on the ground and lifted a few bundles of cash and said “Fuck me” again. It was then that the back of his hand brushed across the steel of the barrel. I watched his eyes. He picked up the gun but he didn’t know how to hold it properly; didn’t know how to check if the safety was on. After about a minute he put the gun back inside me very carefully and put the mask on top of the gun. He looked a bit confused but then he smiled, like he’d made up his mind. He zipped me up and slung me over his shoulder and climbed back over the wall again.

We walked for twenty minutes in silence before we got to the house. There were no lights on. He used a key to get in the backdoor and tiptoed up the stairs and into this room and he put me under the bed. When he climbed into the bed a few minutes later I guessed that enough time had passed for the old man to now be behind the wall. He’d be looking for me. I wondered what he’d do when he couldn’t find me.

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